About Me

I’ve always loved writing and spent much of my childhood producing my own plays, comic books and stories. I became a huge sci-fi geek very early on and remember I spent most Saturday evenings cowering behind the settee hiding from the monsters on Doctor Who.

It was my love of writing that eventually drew me into the world of the media. I spent more than a decade working as a reporter across a range of different media organisations including newspapers, radio stations and TV news. In the late nineties I was lucky enough to work for the BBC's news website and became one of the corporation's first online journalists.

It was during my time at BBC News Online that my interest in online media began and over the following years I could see how the rapid growth of social media (such as Twitter and Facebook) eroded the power of the traditional press. 

I came out in 1993, when I was 23 years old, and have become a keen advocate of LGBT rights. My writing often focuses on homophobia within the newspaper industry. I met my husband in 1996 and we’ve been foster carers for the past 12 years. In that time we’ve cared for more than 30 children and young people – sometimes for just a few days, sometimes for years.  

I wrote Exposé a few years ago during a particularly tumultuous period for the British media, when the phone-hacking scandal was being exposed and other parts of the media – including the BBC – were being heavily criticised for the way they handled other serious issues. But despite parodying many in the media, I was pleased that Exposé received fantastic reviews in national publications - including a four-star rating from The Sun.

I remain a huge Doctor Who fan (hence the picture) and am now 48 years old. I live in England with my husband, our daughter and three cats. Why not follow me on Twitter? @Paul_Ilett 

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My Articles

Although I'm no longer working as a reporter, I still write for a number of publications including The Guardian newspaper, Readers Digest, Attitude and The Press Gazette. Here are links to some of my articles.

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Me on the BBC

Hear me talk about Exposé to BBC presenter Tony Fisher.