The Author

Paul Ilett spent more than a decade working as a reporter across a range of different media organisations including newspapers, radio stations and TV news. 

In the late nineties he worked for the BBC's news website and became one of the corporation's first online journalists. It was there that his interest in online media began, particularly how the rapid growth of social media (such as Twitter and Facebook) eroded the power of the traditional press. 

A keen advocate of LGBT rights, Paul's writing also focuses on homophobia within the newspaper industry.

Despite parodying many in the media, Paul's first novel EXPOSÉ received fantastic reviews in national publications - including a four-star rating from The Sun.

Paul is 47 and lives in England. Exposé is his first book.

You can follow @Paul_Ilett on Twitter.


Paul on the BBC

Hear author Paul Ilett talk about Exposé to BBC presenter Tony Fisher.